KBAA Guidelines per rule 102 (j)

  1. $250.00 Registration fee for KBAA Bail Agent Continuing Education classes.
  2. $25.00 Replacement fee – cost for Certificate of Attendance at KBAA Continuing education classes.
  3. $50.00 Auditing Fee – KBAA members who have taken CE Classes, who Audit additional CE classes, may be charged.
  4. Signature on Certificates may be signed by KBAA Continuing Education Committee members. (Hard Copy will be maintained at KBAA Office of President and/or designee).
  5. Attendance
    CE credit must be awarded on the basis of 1 credit hour for each 50 minute. One-half credit hour must be awarded for attendance of at least 25 but less than 50 minutes. No credit may be claimed for smaller fractional units.
  6. Certificates of Attendance at Classes may be withheld until payment for classes has been received and/or verified by Education committee.
  7. KBAA Class registration closes on Sunday before Class. Note ($50 late registration may be assessed after registration for a class closes.)
  8. $50 administrative fee may be assessed for failure to apprear / no show at a registered Continuing education class.

Continuing Education Requirements

Beginning June 1st, 2016 the State of Kansas Requires ALL Bonding Agents to obtain eight (8) hours of Continuing Education annually.

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