Kansas Bail Enforcement Agents are now required to register with the Kansas Attorney General’s Office.

Kansas Bail Enforcement Agents are defined as “a person not performing the duties of a law enforcement officer who tracks down, captures and surrenders to the custody of a court a fugitive who has violated a surety or bail bond agreement, commonly referred to as a bounty hunter.”

An authorized surety or bail bond agent attempting to enforce a bail bond is NOT deemed to be engaging in the business of a bail enforcement agent.  So therefore, a bail bond agent does NOT need to register with the Attorney General’s office. See HB 2056 for definition of Bail Bond Agents.

More information and forms are available on the Attorney General’s website, www.ag.ks.gov

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Sureties-Applications; Authorization; Continuing Education;
Bail Enforcement Agents-Licensing; Regulation; Senate Sub. For HB 2056

Senate Sub. For HB 2056 creates and amends law relating to sureties and bail enforcement agents.

The bill adds new sections requiring compensated sureties to submit an application to the Chief Judge of the judicial district in each judicial district where surety seeks to act as a surety and prohibiting any compensated sureties from acting as a surety prior to approval of such application.  “Compensated Surety” is defined as any person who or entity organized under Kansas law that, as surety, issues bonds for compensation, is responsible for any forfeiture, and is liable for the appearance bonds written by such person’s authorized agents.  A “Compensated Surety” is either an insurance surety or a property surety, which the bill also defines.



In May of 2016, Governor Brownback signed HB 2056 into law; laying the groundwork for Continuing Education requirements for Kansas Bail Agents and Kansas Bail Enforcement Agents. A double-sided bill, one side of HB 2056 explains the new regulations and requirements for all Kansas Bail Agents in regards to Continuing Education requirements for both Surety and Property Bonding Agents.

Continuing Education Requirements

Beginning June 1st, 2016 the State of Kansas Requires ALL Bonding Agents to obtain eight (8) hours of Continuing Education annually.

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