Membership in the Association includes those persons or businesses associated with the bail bonding industry who express a desire to help promote professionalism within the industry and who are approved by a majority of the Board of Directors.

KBAA recognizes five types of membership and membership is not transferable: (1) Voting members, (2) Non-Voting – Professional Bail Agents, (3) Professional Surety Companies (4) Associate members, and (5) Honorary membership.

All members shall adhere to the KBAA Code of Ethics.

1. PROFESSIONAL BAIL AGENT MEMBERSHIP VOTING: Fee – $200 All Professional Bail Agents – Property or Surety – This is a Voting Membership – each member is entitled to one vote and all other privileges provided by the KBAA.
2. PROFESSIONAL BAIL AGENT MEMBERSHIP NON-VOTING: NO fee, as residents of Kansas, for participation in Continuing Education Classes, given by KBAA. This Membership is entitled to attend meetings, and functions and sit on committees.
3. PROFESSIONAL SURETY COMPANIES: Fee – Minimum $500 All Companies engaged in activities to support Professional Bail Agents such as Professional Insurance Companies.  This is a NON-Voting Membership.
4. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Fee – $100 Anyone wanting to further the Bail Bond Profession – Individual or Company NOT in the bail bonding business – Affiliate business such as Attorneys, Fugitive Recovery Agents, Out of State Professional Bail agents, etc. This is a NON – Voting Membership but is entitled to attend meetings, and functions and sit on committees.

Continuing Education Requirements

Beginning June 1st, 2016 the State of Kansas Requires ALL Bonding Agents to obtain eight (8) hours of Continuing Education annually.

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