KS Bail Statutes & Case Law

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Kansas Bail Bonds Statutes

19-1930a (2). County Jails- https://www.ksrevisor.org/statutes/chapters/ch19/019_019_0030.html

22-2801. Declaration of purpose – https://www.ksrevisor.org/statutes/chapters/ch22/022_028_0001.html

22-2803. Review of conditions of release; application for modification of conditions of release – https://www.ksrevisor.org/statutes/chapters/ch22/022_028_0003.html

22-2804. Release after conviction – https://www.ksrevisor.org/statutes/chapters/ch22/022_028_0004.html

22-2805. Material witness; appearance bond; custody; release, when required; appointed counsel and other services for indigent. – https://www.ksrevisor.org/statutes/chapters/ch22/022_028_0005.html

22-2806. Justification and approval of sureties – https://www.ksrevisor.org/statutes/chapters/ch22/022_028_0006.html

22-2807. Forfeiture of appearance bonds; warrant for arrest; forfeiture set aside – https://www.ksrevisor.org/statutes/chapters/ch22/022_028_0007.html

22-2808. Exoneration – https://www.ksrevisor.org/statutes/chapters/ch22/022_028_0008.html

22-2809. Surrender of obligor by surety; release of surety – https://www.ksrevisor.org/statutes/chapters/ch22/022_028_0009.html

22-2809a. Surety or agent thereof; felons disqualified to act as; notice of intent to apprehend fugitive; violations, penalties – https://www.ksrevisor.org/statutes/chapters/ch22/022_028_0009a.html

22-2809b. Compensated surety; application; authorization by judicial district; continuing education requirements – https://www.ksrevisor.org/statutes/chapters/ch22/022_028_0009b.html

22-2815. Release on recognizance; procedures; criteria – https://www.ksrevisor.org/statutes/chapters/ch22/022_028_0015.html

22-2817. Release on recognizance and supervised release; powers of court – https://www.ksrevisor.org/statutes/chapters/ch22/022_028_0017.html

22-2818. Traffic violations; failure to appear, service of warrant and collection of bond – https://www.ksrevisor.org/statutes/chapters/ch22/022_028_0018.html

KS Case Law about Bail

208 Kan. 886 (1972)
494 P.2d 1228
MIDLAND INSURANCE COMPANY, Defendant-Appellant, and LOUIS JONES, a/k/a WALTER ALLEN, Defendant.
No. 46,446


34 Kan.App. 2d 624 (2005)
TYLER W. SEDAM, Appellant.
No. 92,737.



21-6614. Expungement of certain convictions, arrest records and diversion agreements; procedure; restoration of person’s right to keep and bear arms. – https://www.ksrevisor.org/statutes/chapters/ch21/021_066_0014.html

Continuing Education Requirements

Beginning June 1st, 2016 the State of Kansas Requires ALL Bonding Agents to obtain eight (8) hours of Continuing Education annually.

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